THRIFTY THURSDAY: Latest Thrift Finds

I've been thrifting since my days back in high school. Back then, I searched for jackets, coats, and accessories. Although I still rummage the racks, my thrift love has grown to seeking unique pieces and deals on home furnishings. This past Saturday, I ventured up to one of my favorite spots for furniture finds: Faith Farm Thrift in Ft. Lauderdale. About every six weeks, they actually have a SALE, and discount their thrift finds even more. People who know and go to this event usually pull up with a U-Haul to haul away their finds. Here are a few pics of what a spotted Saturday....

Needs a little TLC (missing door on top)
but a great piece for only $39

Great lines on this piece at only $39
Go bold - go red to refinish...
or simplify the update in black or white lacquer

Lovely little side tables for under $10

$35 dresser - but can also be a buffet

$10 dresser

Thrifting is a great means of salvaging discarded furniture, recycle & upcycle, furnish your home or apartment, and even add interest to your already existing interior. Asian inspired details can work great with modern clean line interiors... While French inspired pieces (with all their curves) can add interest and update a more traditional interior. All you need to do is "look past the ugly" - a weekend of stripping, sanding, and painting or a trip to an upholsterer, and you too can update your space - even on a budget...

Most enormous piece yet! YES!! This is ALL one piece. Unfortunately,
it got a little water damaged because the tarp tent gave a way from the rain...

These curvy pieces (at only $35 for the pair) could look great
refinished in bisque, white or pewter...

Ormolu details on this $39 dresser

A pair of bergère chairs only $59
Reupholster in cream linen, a damask, or
for something fun: paint black and go for a bold polka-dot fabric.

A wingback chair for only $25...

If you're in the market to update your space, definitely stop by Faith Farm Thrift, in Ft. Lauderdale. They have two other locations as well - but I haven't ventured to them - YET!!
Boynton Beach Faith Farm
New Furniture and Thrift Store
9538 Hwy 441
Boynton Beach, FL.
(561) 737-2222 (561) 737-2222

Fort Lauderdale Faith Farm
New Furniture and Thrift Store
1980 NW 9th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL.
(954) 763-7787 (954) 763-7787
Donations: (954) 468-1440 (954) 468-1440

Okeechobee Faith Farm
New Furniture and Thrift Store
1852 Hwy 70 West
Okeechobee, FL.
(863) 467-4342 (863) 467-4342

Happy Thrifty Thursday!

DIY WEDNESDAY: Halloween Projects From $0

Quick. Easy. Cheap. Budget friendly Halloween decor you can create yourself from $0 to really no more than $10. Reuse items you already of on hand - scrapbooking scissors, black spray paint, wine bottles out in the recycling bin, or trimmed tree branches. Use any of these five projects in multiples to add impact and drama not only to your decor, but for added ambiance for a Halloween block party...

Black Painted Wine Bottles

Used Arbor Mist MATT glass bottles (but any could work)
Spray painted black SATIN finish
Attached Haunted Wine Labels (packs of mixed labels from Dollar Store)
Project total: Under $10 and ya get to drink the wine!
NOTE: Only two shown here, but you can create a MASSIVE centerpiece for party with the same concept, except vary the size of the bottles, and add taper candles to bottle necks. For even more drama - get the tapers that DO DRIP - and let the wax layer & drip onto the painted bottles.

BOO Re-Painted Canvases

Re-Used painted canvases from a prior project
Previously turquoise - now spray painted black semi-gloss
Hung onto 2" nail covering existing NYC letters on wall
Attached w/foam tape 8x10 printed letters
(purposefully not mounted flush to be reminiscent of PB's book pages on crow tree)
Project Total: $0 because reused items on hand
NOTE: BigLots sells canvas boards in various sizes for under $5
The letters below are what I had used (found through Google)

RIGHT CLICK to copy all these letters. Save it. Upload image to Picnik. CROP the letters you need. Use "touch-up - clone" to cover any clips of other letters for the one you need. Edit image with features such as "Vignette" or "Inverted". Save at 300. Print at 8x10.

NOTE: craft this one step further - print letters onto cardstock, cut out to make a stencil,
use white & cream latex or acrylic paint to stipple-stencil lettering onto canvas.

Edit Lettering Using Picnik and Special Paper

Change the look of the printed lettering using Picnik photo editing site features:
Rounded corner frame
Vignette and Inverted
Print letter as 8x10 on special or colored paper (like parchment or watercolor) for a more aged look or sticky-back paper to create easy decals
Give your sheets an added detail by using your scrapbook edging scissors
Total project cost: $0 because using paper & tools already on hand

Print template
Cut a template from a file folder
Use a silver or white pencils to trace
Fold back craft paper in half
Three (folded) bats fit to a sheet
Cut away!
Attach to walls with pins or double sided tape

Total Project cost: I think maybe $5 for the package of paper (got last year)
(35 sheets - 3 per page yields 102 bats!)

Trim your own tree OR pick up oversized branches the from side of the road
Trim off all leaves
Spray well with bug spray
Allow branches a day to roast in the sun
Bring into house and secure inside an urn (stuff with rocks & newspaper)
Pick-up a bag of Spanish moss at the Dollar Store
Open moss bag and PULL APART in kitchen sink (helps with the mess)
Put your moss parts in a grocery bag and bring to your branch location
Nestle dripping moss naturally into "Y" of branches
Zig-zag moss placement in branches for a well spaced natural effect
Nestle crows into some moss spots
Start with small crows at top of branch, to medium to large at base
Total project cost: Only depends on the price of the large & medium crows: I got my large crow last year at Michael's - on sale & with a coupon for only $8. The medium crow was only $3.50 and this years addition of 5 small crows only $1 each at the Dollar Store along with a bag of moss for only $1.
No crows? No problem: Use the bats hot glued to branches!

I have a few more I'll be sharing shortly...
Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!


(I love this time of year)



This years "wicked dwelling" decor has been set! Last year, I had set Halloween in our dining room (you can see here) and out front... but this year, I took full advantage of the height and floating shelves in our stairway.  As I mentioned yesterday, Sunday I had watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo. This Hitchcock thriller, along with another - The Birds -  ultimately catapulted the Halloween decor vision into the stairway. I already had the decor pulled together in the garage, so I started pulling some of the pieces on the stair landing. Since October first is this coming Friday, it seemed like the right time for Halloween's 'execution' (lol)...

Tree silhouette wall art: $5 thrift find from about 5 years ago...
paired with Hitchcock birds..

Simple DIY projects from thrift finds - I'm sure can also be
improved by several DIY bloggers out there!

Ultimate Green Decor
Utilize found tree branches into height of a space and
put those wine bottles to use: Recycle into haunted decor.

This years addition of Dollar Store spanish moss upt the creepy factor of
last years BigLots skulls, Michael's crows and Target black pumpkin.

Mixing thrift finds (silhouette art), DIY projects, existing home decor & Halloween decorations creates impact on a budget - total cost: only $7 this year for 2 bags of moss and five additional small crows.

Although at first I was inspired by the Pottery Barn Halloween entrance decor, and it even inspired the start of  the previous post Branching Out Into Fall (after finding all those branches on the side of the road - I felt like Morticia Addams while clipping off all the leaves), I really wanted to keep our front entrance more Autumn than Halloween. This space is filled with reused home decor items (like the wood plaques, metal wall plaques, and candle holders)  along with six simple DIY projects - I'll be explaining in more detail in another post this week.

Take an inspiration and make it your own.

Turn Back sign picked up at the grocery store last year for $2.

Existing wall plaques: Wood plaques from Marshalls, metal plaques (on shelves) from Pier One (have three but only used two here).

Make the most of what you have: If you only have a few items, keep them all pulled together for stronger impact vs. trying to spread them everywhere.

Use Google Images to fill thrift frames.
Print on special paper to help age their effect.

Use Picnik to give special effects to images.

Even for Halloween decor: Think of old things in new ways.

Do you decorate for Halloween? What are some things you like to do? Do you have a party? Do you get dressed up in costume? I don't know why I love it so much. Maybe it's so fun because it's an opportunity to REALLY be extra creative - from home decor, to foods, to costumes... When else during the year can you combine all of these? "Maybe" Christmas, but costumes do have their limitations :)

I could have kept going - but know when to say when...

By setting Halloween in the stairway (which also works well with the sound of our bones cracking - lol), it allows the rest of our home to have a warm & cozy Autumn feel. Since branching out for Fall, I've added more burnt orange, colorful Fall leaves, and heavier fabrics like velvet - I'll also be posting these updates shortly, along with some Fall Fix-Up Tips for the house, my latest thrift store finds, wardrobe tips, and updates on the client project...

So stay tuned...

All styling, projects and photos by Lynda Quintero-Davids




I hope you had a wonderful weekend, filled with family, friends, and fun projects! I'm currently working on finishing up a project I got inspired to do yesterday. The inspiration came soon after watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie I've never seen before: VERTIGO. Wow! I loved the 50's style (somewhat reminded me of Mad Men) and loved some of the cinematography (especially for that time period). One of my fave shots was in the stairway looking down...

I started thinking about our stairway (even though not as tall as the one in Vertigo) and decided this would be where I'd set up this years Halloween decor. Last year, I had skully and his friends in the dining room, but since the dining room has already transformed into fall this year (started with "Branching Out" and it has evolved) I thought I'd take advantage of our floating shelves and height in the stairway. I have a few touches I'm finishing up and I'll post pics soon...

I'm loving it!
It's spook-tacular!


Over on this week, Susan (author of Between Naps On The Porch)  featured an ideabook called "Decorating With Dress Forms". It was interesting to see the uses and places people have incorporated display forms into their home. I too have a dress form, now tucked in the corner of the office. I love seeing it every time I walk into the space - but I especially love the way it looks at night, with only an up light highlighting it in the corner. My form (a Ralph Lauren - American Living form) is very symbolic of my twenty-five years I worked display in the retail industry. Currently, it is simply adorned with two of my symbolic accessory items: my SATC Carrie rose and my signature walkthru pearls...

I use to have another form, back in my old apartment. It was draped in a wooden beads and turquoise stone collection. I parted with it when I moved out about seven or so years ago. This one now is the perfect homage and latest addition to the office (blogging think tank). I may even include some of these B&W shots in the office. I'm looking forward to putting it to use to give examples of applying a wardrobe to a space. Here's a tip if you're longing to have a form of your own: Just walk into your freindly neighborhood department store (for example JC Penney or even Macy's). Ask to speak with the Visual Manager at the establishment, and simply ask if they have an extra display form you could have. They are usually looking to keep their workshops clutter free, and in some cases, many stores now-a-days haven't hired the man-power to maintain all the forms - so they are sure to have a few extras they can part with...

It felt good to get back to blogging the week (after taking off last week). Thanks for hangin' in there during my absence, and thanks to the new followers as well! Have a wonderful weekend with your fall chores, DIY projects, shopping, thrifting and decorating... See you back on the blog on Monday.

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